Featured Projects

There are numerous food projects happening on the North Shore, several are featured here.

Edible Garden Project

The Edible Garden Project strives to promote food security on the North Shore by connecting gardeners who want to donate a portion of their harvest, people who have under or un-used garden space available for growing food, and volunteers who want to grow, share and learn about locally produced food while also connecting low-income people with healthy, home-grown produce.Our three primary program areas include: Sharing the Backyard Bounty (produce collection & distribution – over 2,200 lbs of produce distributed annually), Strong Roots (education and workshops for adults and children – 20+ workshops planned every year), and Growing Food Gardens (monthly group gardening, community garden development, sharing  backyards and over 20,000 sq feet of demonstration garden space).

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Contact: info@ediblegardenproject.com
Volunteer: volunteer@ediblegardenproject.com
Or call: 604-987-8138 (ext 231)

The North Shore Fruit Tree Project

This society’s program is in place to connect those with fruit growing trees to those in need.Organized picks in your community will provide fruit to local food banks & organizations in need. Our mission is to reduce waste and provide nourishingfood to those in need, creating community around the harvest of fruit on the North Shore. Every year thousands of pounds of fruit fall to the ground &meanwhile, many North Shore residents can’t afford produce. Our Goal is to create a network of willing donors and volunteer pickers to encourage the sustainable practice of picking. Donors, pickers, and charities alike will all  benefit from the fruits of our labour.

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Contact: andrewcopping.nsftp@shaw.ca
Call: 604-983-6444 9 (ext 640)

Bug Blitz

Bug Blitz (Building Urban Garden Blitz) is a new project aimed at supporting community networks, empowering residents to share skills and to sustainably grow food where they live. BugBlitz follows the idea of a Permablitz; the simple concept of getting a group of people together and transform a front or back yard into an edible landscape in a morning or afternoon. Accomplishing in one day what might have taken one person months. In essence, a BugBlitz  is a free and casual gathering of two or more people that come together to: build edible gardens at someone’s home, share and learn gardening skills, and strengthen community.

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Contact: gardenblitz@gmail.com
Call: Evonne at 604-985-0479

New Hope Cuisine – Food Rescue

Who We Are: Consistent with The Salvation Army’s overall mission to better the lives of all people and communities, we operate the New Hope Cuisine Program at the North Shore Salvation Army. This program, through team work and partnerships, plays a pivotal role in Food-Rescue. The North Shore Salvation Army’s New Hope Cuisine – Giving individuals and their communities the opportunity to attain a sustainable future through the related activities of:

  • Food Rescue
  • Frozen Meal Production
  • Chef Training

What we are Doing:

  • Distributing surplus food from our Food Industry partners directly to community members
  • Producing a selection of high quality frozen meals, sold below market price
  • Providing training to those for whom traditional training is not available
  • Creating an opportunity for you to be part of establishing a Sustainable Future

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Contact: newhopechef@gmail.com
Call: 778-689-4673

Harmony Garden

Established in 2008, Harmony Garden is a community garden located in the Capilano Reserve and is run, in part, by Ustlahn’s Social Society. Ustlahn means “Head of the Bay”.They are focusing on food security and promoting healthy living for people in the community.Their mandate of re-establishing food security has many facets:

  • Producing food for a community of 1500 in its Harmony Garden, which supplies our community kitchen, senior’s centre and youth-at-risk programs
  • Restoring indigenous food sources and conducting responsible stewardship along the east side of the Capilano estuary where it flows into Burrard Inlet
  • Rehabilitating the Burrard Inlet shoreline between the estuary’s mouth and Capilano Road, concentrating on indigenous food resource plants for human, wildlife, fish and hence restoring whale feeding grounds.
  • Conducting public ecosystem tours;
  • Propagating teaching ethical (vegetative) methods for restoring indigenous food security.

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Contact: Barb Wyss at wyss167@shaw.ca

North Shore Recycling Program

The North Shore Recycling Program (NSRP) is themunicipal recycling department for the 3 North Shore municipalities. We operate the curbside recycling program, the Recycling Drop-off Depot, promote backyard composting and offer a number of programs that support North Shore Residents in making less garbage.  In Metro Vancouver about 40% of our garbage is compostable organics – so when we’re talking about urban agriculture, we like to talk about the full life-cycle of our food. By keeping food scraps out of the garbage, we reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill, reduce greenhouse gases, and create compost for local gardeners, landscapers and farmers.We are inspired to handle the North Shore food scraps at a community-scale – beyond the backyard composter. We are looking at projects to bring people in communities together in new ways,  having the added benefit of growing community relationships and also helping people to think about garbage as a potential resource rather than just waste to discard. The NSRP would like to investigate how we can create a community-scale composting project on the North Shore with interested individuals or groups.

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Contact: info@nsrp.bc.ca
Call: 604-984-9730

Urban Ag for YouthUrban Agriculture for Youth

The West Vancouver Secondary School Urban Agriculture Course is a senior level science course started up in 2011. Students in the course learn how to care for  honeybees, gardens and farm animals. They also learn about the geopolitical, environmental and scientific issues facing modern farmers.  The course is blended so that half of the course is based on online readings, discussion and the other half is based on a series of after-school labs. We are always hoping to bring in guest speakers, and would love to come to visit local examples of urban agriculture.

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Contact: gtrousdell@sd45.bc.ca

Cool North Shore

Cool North Shore is a citizen-created and driven non-profit society focused on helping make one of the most liveable places on earth one of the most sustainable. On the North Shore of Vancouver (BC), we are blessed with abundant natural, social, and economic wealth; we also have a ‘carbon footprint ‘ (greenhouse gas emissions) likely second-to-none globally. We know North Shore citizens are passionate about this special place and want a healthy future; Cool North Shore is dedicated to helping local individuals and institutions act on that passion to create a North Shore that our children and grand-children will be proud of.  Our vision is: All North Shore residents, from Deep Cove to Lions Bay, taking action together, to create a low carbon community.

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Contact: info@coolnorthshore.ca

EcoUrbiaEco Urbia

EcoUrbia is a local non-profit focused on initiatives that will bring social, environmental & economic benefits, which includes: urban farms, advocating for local food production & organic farming, public outreach programs – such as their “Rethink Food & Waste” film & speaker series – and waste reduction strategies that includes ethical e-waste recycling. Last year, EcoUrbia also launched a community-based sustainability portal. Our challenge is to brainstorm with each other to identify a food advocacy action item and implement a plan that will support or bring about positive change at one of these levels.

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Contact: info@ecourbia.org

BowenAgBowen Agricultural Alliance – BAA

The Bowen Agricultural Alliance (Baa) is a fledgling community network with a mission to promote and facilitate the development of local food systems, agriculture, and community building on Bowen Island, British Columbia. As of mid-November 2009, BAA is an informal organization working to convene community discussion and action planning.  On November 1, 2009 more than 70 Bowen Islanders came together to identify and begin planning around key food and agricultural issues.

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Contact: info@bowenagalliance.ca

CLUCK North VancouverCLUCK (Canadian Liberated Urban Chicken Klub)

There is a growing trend in major cities to include Urban Chickens in their communities. There is a group on the North Shore who are working to amend the bylaws to include Backyard hens. Chickens are not just an eggs source but pets. They are in keeping with the mandates of the municipality of North Vancouver, environmental sustainability,  food security, education and community building.

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Contact: mail@chickensinnorthvancouver.com

Farm Day in the City

Farm Day in the City aims to bring a variety of food and agriculture related experiences (eg. cow milking) to North Shore elementary school students and their teachers in a day long celebration.