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    Community Sustainability Small Project Grants

    Vancouver Coastal Health North Shore Population Health Program has funding available for small community projects that promote food security and urban agriculture. We welcome applications from any community group. The deadline for application is March 14, 2014. This year we will give up to $1,500 to successful applicants. The application form is attached and it can be emailed to Margaret Broughton, Public Health Dietitian at margaret_broughton@vch.ca. Download the grant application!

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    Edible Garden Project- Seedy Saturday

    The Edible Garden Project has arranged a Seedy Saturday! Join us to exchange or buy organic seeds, vegetable seedlings, strawberry plants, and composted manure. Meet local seed growers, check out the Seed Library, and learn to save your own seeds.  When: Saturday March 1st, 2014 1pm-3pm Where: North Shore Neighbourhood House Inman Room – 225 East 2nd Street, North Van Admission by donation. Event Details.

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    New app from B.C. farmers helps you buy local

    A new smartphone app from B.C.’s farmers can tell you which local foods are in season, where to find them in your neighbourhood and even how to cook them with advice from celebrity chefs. “No matter where you are in B.C., you can use the app to find what local foods are around you,” said Jennifer Woron of the BC Dairy Association, one of the funding agencies for the We Heart Local project. Nearly 300 local food businesses, restaurants, farmers markets, grocers and breweries across B.C. have already registered for a listing on the service, which requires that they sell B.C.-grown and harvested food and drink. Restaurants must carry at…

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    Start-ups, organizations take on America’s food waste challenge, PBS NewsHour

    Start-ups, organizations take on America’s food waste challenge | Video | PBS NewsHour | PBS. In the last few years, other companies have sprung up to tackle the food waste problem while also trying to make a profit. Start-ups like Food Cowboy and Crop Mobster connect food suppliers who have excess fresh produce to organizations that feed people in need… cutting waste and charging a small commission on the transaction. Another company, Daily Table, wants to make money on the fact that most grocery stores can only sell perfect looking fruits and vegetables.  The company wants to sell bruised and oversized produce at discounted prices. Back in West Virginia, just…

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    Bees Die-off Linked to Neonicotinoid Pesticides

    Bees, moving amongst flowers, pollinating fruits and vegetables in the garden, a happy scene, becoming increasingly at-risk.  Bees are dying at unprecedented rates while large chemical-producing companies maintain their products do not directly kill bees.  However, a bee collecting pollen from exposed plants suffers lowered immunity and impaired memory, leaving them unable to return home.  Lowered immunity and the subsequent viruses cause bees to leave the hive and die elsewhere.  Symptoms of lowered immunity and impaired memory..think of human autism, Alzheimer’s — we share the same  poisoned environment !  BAYER, a company producing neonicotinoids, is fighting the EU’s ban. The European Union has enacted a two year ban on a…