A heathy Food System

What is the North Shore Table Matters Network?

Table matters is a network of people who live, work and eat in the communities that make up Vancouver’s North Shore. Our network is interested in making our communities thrive, meeting new people, and exploring the exciting world of Urban Agriculture and Food Security.

What does the North Shore Table Matters do?

Join us at networking events organized and supported by Vancouver Coastal Health. Learn and share information on what’s happening in our community’s urban agriculture scene! We bring together people from community organizations, local businesses, local government, schools, and much more that are contributing to growing a sustainable food system on the North Shore. No experience or green thumb required, just enthusiasm!

Get involved with one of the many inspiring projects!

You can get involved in anything from community gardens, helping your neighbourhoods turn lawns into veggie patches, Loutet Farm, picking fruit trees, to learning to keep backyard chickens. Or better yet – collaborate with the Table Matters Network and start a new project! Several new community projects have come together as a result of these monthly meetings.  Learn more about North Shore food projects.