A heathy Food System

What is the Table Matters?

The North Shore Food Charter

Scaling-up Food Rescue

Table matters is a network of people who live, work and eat in the communities that make up Vancouver’s North Shore.  We bring together citizens, community organizations, local businesses, government, and schools, and undertake projects and initiatives to help grow a sustainable food system and contribute to making our communities thrive.

To support the continued growth of a sustainable food system on the North Shore, Table Matters is actively developing food policy.  The Charter outlines a vision and principles around an integrated food system for the North Shore. It articulates shared community principles related to food production, distribution, access, consumption, processing and waste handling.  The Charter has been endorsed by all elected and appointed community officials and is a considerable achievement toward our goal.
 The Scaling-up Food Rescue Project is the Table Matters Network’s first project undertaken to implement the values and principles set out by the North Shore Food Charter. The Project’s objective is to help increase the amount of nutritious food to the public while reducing waste in the community.  It will examine how to redirect edible food that is no longer viable to the retail sector and identify the barriers and resources required to rescue the food.